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Battles occur among friends to help each others guardian troops to become the strongest in your faction.


In battle, you are given the choice to challenge friends and accept challenges from friends. Challenging another player is done by simply tapping on the Challenge button of the chosen friend in the arena.

You will then be the one to choose to engage in battle scene and fight the unknown guardian that has been chosen by your friend. When going to the battle scene, you will now choose which guardian fighter to battle and empower them with arsenals or replace the arsenals. When you replace an arsenal, it is already considered consumed and is not returned to your inventory. It is important to note that empowering guardians with arsenals will improve the guardian’s chi and its Defense Factor (DF). The higher the DF of the arsenals empowered to the guardian, the higher the guardian’s chi and DF will become. The arsenals are also a mode of attack so an arsenal with a high Offense Factor (OF) is also good in battle.

The battle scene is where the actual battle between the guardian fighter and its opponent happens. At the top portion of your screen, you will see the name and profile of your opponent (its level, inherent OF/DF, chi, Tao points) and its arsenals. Conversely, at the bottom part of your screen, you will see your guardian's name and profile (its level, inherent OF/DF, chi, Tao points) and the arsenals that the guardian fighter is empowered it with. At the center is where full view of the opponent guardian appears, as well as when the guardian fighter receives attacks as well as when the opponent attacks. There is also an END BATTLE button to quit the battle.

The battles use a turn-based system. You have the first turn and at the start of each turn, both sides can choose to attack with an arsenal or use the guardian’s inherent power. To use an arsenal, just tap it and confirm. To use your guardian fighter’s inherent power, just tap on the center of the screen where the opponent guardian is. When you have reached the battle scene, neither you nor your opponent can replace your guardians or their arsenals. What you can do, however, is to strategize which arsenals to use first, or when to use your guardian's inherent power. Each time you or your opponent attacks, the damage points are shown on your screen. Then you can (and should) use each battle as a way to learn how to strategize for your next battles. The amount of damage will be based on the guardian’s inherent OF and the arsenal’s OF and the element of the arsenal. Arsenals with high OF and element that is strong against the opponent guardian’s element causes a high amount of damage.

Each guardian uses attacks to reduce the respective opponent's chi to zero, at which point the guardian becomes lifeless. If your guardian fighter wins, your Ego receives XP and the guardian receives the Tao point that the opponent guardian has; when enough have accumulated, an Alter can be redeemed using the Tao points a guardian has won through battles. On the other hand, if your guardian loses the battle, your guardian’s Tao points will be added to the winning opponent's Tao.

When it is your turn to be challenged, you are given the choice to accept or decline that challenge from your friend. When accepting a challenge, you will then choose which guardian fighter to engage in battle and empower them with arsenals. After that, it will only be a matter of time when your friend has engaged in battle with your guardian fighter. A notification will alert you if the battle is over. To see the results, you can view them in the Battle Statistics in the arena. There you can see the date of the battle, the battle length, the guardians that engaged in battle and their levels and who the winner of the battle and also how many battles you have won against this friend.