There are two kinds of Gateless Gates: the Living Gates and the Dead Gate.


The Living Gates are virtual gates that open up in different locations around the world. These gates are always open and the resources that the Seven Immortals are able to send through these gates are more sophisticated, but you need to be physically present at the location of these Living Gates in order to enter them. When you are in-range of a Living Gate, a green swirl will appear on the map on your device, indicating where you need to go. The locations of these Living Gates changes randomly, depending on where the Seven Immortals deem them best to appear. To know the locations of the Living Gates in your city or country, go to the LAPSE Universe website. But if you prefer an adventure, the best way to discover these Living Gates is to walk around! To enter the Living Gates, just tap on the green swirls on your map!

Living Gate


The Dead Gate allows you to collect items anywhere you are. However, unlike the Living Gates that are always open, this gate is only open for a limited number of minutes each time you enter. You can, however, enter as many times as you want. To enter the Dead Gate, just tap the gray swirl at the bottom of your screen.

Living Gate