How to level up your Egos and in turn, how to level up your guardians is key in having the best and strongest guardian troop.

How to Level Up your Ego

To increase the level of consciousness of your Ego, you need to perform actions that reward experience points or XP. Experience points are generally awarded when you:

• Correctly answer trivias or view messages of the Immortals in the gateless gates.
• Complete each round of the Awakening game or Activating game for your guardians or arsenals.
• Activate arsenals.
• Awaken guardians.
• Empower guardians.
• Level up guardians.
• Spar guardians with the trainer.
• Battle guardians (winning battles reward higher XP than losing) with friends.

Levels also have different conditions to them. There are milestone levels where you can have greater access to guardians in the game. Milestone levels are:

1. Level 1 – players have access to common guardians
2. Level 4 - players have access to uncommon guardians
3. Level 6 – players have access to rare guardians

How to Level Up your Guardians

To increase the level of consciousness of your guardian, you need to empower it with 6 arsenals that are at least 1 level higher than your guardian. The 6 arsenals must represent the 6 different elements (i.e., 1 Water, 1 Wood, 1 Fire, 1 Earth, 1 Metal, and 1 Ether).

For example you have just collected guardian Owatatsumi with a starting level of 1. You can then empower this guardian with the following arsenals: 1. Guardian Arsenal Fire element (Level 2)
2. Guardian Arsenal Earth element (Level 2)
3. Guardian Arsenal Water element (Level 2)
4. Guardian Arsenal Wood element (Level 2)
5. Guardian Arsenal Metal element (Level 2)
6. Guardian Arsenal Ether element (Level 2)
With the above combination of arsenals, the guardian will level up to Level 2!


"Knowing the elements are key in winning the battles. Remember the cycle of destruction to know which element inflicts the most damage when attacking:

Water destroys Fire.
Fire destroys Metal.
Metal destroys Wood.
Wood destroys Earth.
Earth destroys Water.
Ether destroys all the other five elements as well as Ether itself.

Conversely, you should also remember the cycle of birth and creation to know which element inflicts the least damage when attacking.

Water feeds Wood.
Wood feeds Fire.
Fire feeds Earth.
Earth feeds Metal.
Metal feeds Water.
All the five elements as well as Ether itself feeds Ether.